Class Levels

Starfish Class (Parent & Child Class)
Age Group: 18months old through to 3.5 years old

This is our introductory class aimed at infants looking to get their first exposure to the pool.

The children will be introduced to buoyancy and balance, breath control, safety skills, and back floating. Introduction to different kicking skills & other exercises specialising in skills needed to swim unaided.

  • Priority is given to water safety awareness.
  • Floating on the front and back.
  • Breathing exercises.
  • Different leg and arm movement.
  • Safe entry and exit for both parent and child.
  • Submerging technique.
  • Introduction to using a noodle.

The aim of this level is to prepare the child for the Crab level which will give the child more independence (no parent present). The Children will learn the basic foundation for water safety and awareness as well different movement techniques in the water. Parents will also learn how to hold their child properly and gain confidence, as well as any exercises they can continue to do when around a pool.

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Crab Class
Age Group: 3 years old and over only

Students at this level have a familiarity with the water, but are still considered non swimmers. They are unable to swim without any form of aid. To participate, students must be able to sit alone (without a guardian)

  • Sit down properly at the edge of the pool.
  • Proper entrance and exits while sitting down.
  • Submerging and comfortably. going under water while making bubbles.
  • Different body positions in the water.
  • Body coordination teaches how to use arms and legs to work both independently as well as together.
  • Building up confidence and social skills, while learning in a group.

The main objective at this level is to develop basic skills to be able to swim alone unaided for a short distance.

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Advanced Crab Class
Age Group – 3 years and over only

Children are expected to be in a group lesson, without the presence of their guardian.

  • Safety around the pool area, introduction to various rules.
  • Kicking against the wall, holding onto the wall with face submerged in the water.
  • Introduction to floating unaided in different positions.
  • Swimming a short distance unaided, both with face out as well as in the water.
  • Introduction to using different equipment in order to keep afloat.
  • Jumping into the pool and climbing out from the edge.

At this stage children are comfortable with submerging their face. They can also swim a short distance independently. Children will develop skills and their strength to increase independency in the water. Once children can swim 10 metres unaided, the next step would be to progress to the Turtle level.

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Turtle Class
Age Group – ability to swim 10 metres unaided.

Students in the Turtle class have an increased level of comfort in the water, where support is not required. Children will be taught the basic technique for freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke. As a prerequisite, they should be able to swim up to 10 meters unaided.

  • Use of the kick-board to improve kicking technique and proper leg movement for effective propulsion.
  • An introduction, to the basic knowledge and technique of freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke.
  • Body control and confidence build up in the water, allowing ease of movement in any direction.
  • Breathing control, focusing on a calm technique allowing children to hold their breath for a longer duration.
  • Different jumps and dives, focusing on proper technique and safety.

The main aim of the Turtle group is to develop basic technique. Children will acquire a proper understanding of how the body reacts when placed in different positions in the water. Learning dives and different jumps, also adds a fun aspect to the lesson as well gives the child a chance to overcome any fears of doing so. The next step forward once all skills are developed is to move up to the Seal Level.

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Seal Class

Age Group – 6 and upwards.

The age for the Seal Level is usually 6 upward, depending on ability. Children are confident enough to start learning more advanced technique and skills. By the end of the term children would have gained knowledge, as well as the basic technique in freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke.

  • Building up on strength, endurance both aerobic and anaerobic capacity. The main focus is to develop a proper technique while building up strength.
  • Kicking technique and proper leg movement for effective propulsion while using a kick-board to practise freestyle, breastsstroke as well as backstroke kick
  • Furthering knowledge on the different strokes; freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke. Use of different drills to improve and make the stroke more technically effective.
  • Proper diving technique: this technique will further develop the dive skill for proper body position while improving on speed, balance and agility.
  • A basic introduction to a tumble turn: This skill is different for every stroke allowing the child to quickly change direction when starting a new lap.

The main objective in this level, allows children to develop a sense of swimming as a hobby or as well as a sport. The technical aspects to swimming are endless and can be improved on over a lifetime, but the basics are always developed better and more effectively when they are learnt at the early stages.
Once a clear direction of what the child wants is developed, if their choice is to take it up as a sport, we offer the competitive side of swimming. This opens a lot of opportunities locally as well as internationally.

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