Frequently Asked Questions

What age groups and different ages do we cater to?

Our swimming school offers lessons for children as young as 6 months old to adults of all ages.

The different classes available follow the following classes.

  • Starfish: Parents and child (up to 3.5 years)
  • Crab: Total non swimmer (3 years and over)
  • Advanced Crab: Nearly swimming unaided (3 years and over)
  • Turtle: Swimming unaided, gaining confidence to swim longer distances.
  • Octopus: Swimming unaided comfortably and capable of learning the basic techniques.
  • Seal: Ready to learn proper technique and understanding of strokes.
  • Elite Level: Selected swimmers who want to take swimming to the next level.

More information is available by clicking here

How often are the lessons scheduled?

The frequency of lessons depends on the student’s preference and availability. We offer various scheduling options, including weekly, bi-weekly, or intensive programs throughout all months of the year.

  • January – March (Winter Term)
  • April – June (Spring Term)
  • July – September (Summer Term)
  • October – December (Autumn Term)

Where are the swimming classes held?

Swimming classes vary between in different venues. Both indoor and outdoor options available. Please follow the link to view our venues: Lesson Venues

How can I enroll my child or myself in swimming lessons?

To enroll, you can visit our website or contact our swimming school directly. We will guide you through the registration process and provide you with all the necessary information.

You can book directly through the website booking platform. The application form and payment need to be received 7 days from the date of booking. If the intake is closed, you may contact us as follows:

  • Via the contact form on the homepage.
  • Send an email to our email address info@swimmingworkshop.com

Can I change my day or time?

Send us and email on info@swimmingworkshop.com and we will try to accommodate subject to availability. Any changes are subject to a fee, please read our rules and regulations regarding this.

What is the procedure to settle any Fees?

The full payment for the swimming course needs be made within 7 days from booking a deposit of 20 euro needs to be processed with the booking process (the 2o euro fee will be forfeited if a booking is cancelled). Payment options are provided once you process the deposit. Your child’s place shall only be guaranteed upon full payment.

What is the temperature at the different venues?

All indoor venues  maintain the pool temperature between 29 – 33 degrees Celsius.

Outdoor venues is kept at 27.5 degrees. Keep in mind that outdoor venues may result in a colder environment and not suitable for all children.

How long are the swimming lessons?

The intensity of our swimming lessons varies depending on the level and age group. Typically, lessons duration are 35 minutes.

What is the student-to-instructor ratio?

We maintain small class sizes to ensure personalized attention. The student-to-instructor ratio is usually kept at a maximum of 3:1 & 4:1 for group lessons for the learn to swim section and 6:1 and 7:1 for the more advanced swim programs we offer.

Can parents watch the swimming classes?

We encourage parents to give space to both their children as well as trust their child’s instructor to be able to give the best lesson possible.

  • The Village, Naxxar: Parents may watch parts of the swimming lesson when instructed by the head coach.
  • The Imperial, Sliema: Parents may watch parts of the swimming lesson when instructed by the head coach.
  • Tal Qroqq, Gzira: Parents are allowed to watch lessons from the stands.

What should students bring to the lessons?

Bring your child pool ready dressed in swimming attire. This should include:

  • Suitable swimming attire – swim school swim suit may be purchased directly from Eurosport in Birkirkara, subject to availability.
  • School swimming cap (compulsory for 2.5 years and up) – swim school cap can be purchased directly from Eurospsrt in Birkirkara.
  • Towel
  • Clean deck shoes (ideally slip-on)
  • Avoid bringing anything extra with you that is not needed.

Where is the drop off and pick up area?

  • The Village, Naxxar: Level -1, near the pool entrance.
  • The Imperial, Sliema: The entrance of the swimming pool. Located on Level -2, follow the signs down to Thrive Physiotherapy area.
  • Tal – Qroqq, Gzira: Reception area located on the same level of the pool.

What happens if my child is sick or cannot attend a class?

Please do not attend classes if you or your child are feeling sick or has any symptoms. Any children showing any form of illness will not be allowed to participate in the lesson. We encourage all our attendees to attend the classes booked, for safety reasons we kindly ask all our future attendees to read our policy our Replacement & Cancellations and Policy before applying.

What happens in different weather conditions?

Outdoor swimming classes:

  • Rain: lessons proceed as per usual.
  • Thunder and Lightning: parents will be informed that lessons are cancelled through our whatsapp group. Any cancelled lessons due to bad weather may not all be replaced.
  • Indoor swimming classes will not be effected by any weather conditions, unless informed otherwise on our contact groups.

IMP: Join our WhatsApp chat group before the start of the term (Any updates sent here)

What are the qualifications of your instructors?

All our instructors are certified and experienced in teaching swimming, they have been instructed by the head coaches to follow the same safety protocol to safeguard the children before, during and after classes.

Do we offer private lessons?

Yes, we offer private lessons for individuals who prefer one-on-one instruction or have specific learning needs. You can get in touch with us by emailing us at info@swimmingworkshop.com to check available slots

What safety measures are in place at your swimming school?

Safety is our top priority. We have certified lifeguards on duty at the outdoor venue in Tal Qroqq, well-maintained pool facilities, and adhere to strict safety protocols. Additionally, all instructors are required to undergo a basic safety drill to make sure a safe environment is maintained at all times.

How can I contact Swimming Workshop ?

Swimming Workshop welcomes your feedback and suggestions for improvement to the service we provide.

You can get in touch with us by emailing us at info@swimmingworkshop.com



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