Meet the Team

Neil Agius

No introduction is needed for Neil Agius. Founder of Wave of Change Malta and also a previous member of the national team, Neil has represented Malta at the Olympic Games, World Championships and a plethora of events, both locally and internationally.

He has gained global recognition for his feats in ultra-endurance swimming. His long swims include started with his 67 km swim around  Malta followed by his 2019 swim from Sicily to Malta. In June 2022 Neil swam from Linosa to Malta, breaking the world record for an unassisted marathon swim. His ambition and perseverence are a key factor within the school, encouraging our young swimmers.

Mark Buttigieg

A former member of the Maltese National team, Mark has represented the country at numerous local and international events such as Small Nation Games and Fisec Games.

With a keen focus on inspiring the next generation of swimmers, Mark has gained years of experience understanding children and their needs. Mark has worked around children for over many years as an IT Teacher and swimming instructor at Chiswick House School. His passion has seen him mentoring and motivating young athletes for a great number of years..


Rhea Caruana Dingli

Rhea graduated as a physiotherapist in 2017 and has been working at St Luke’s Hospital since. She started her swimming journey at the age of 3 when she learnt how to swim and slowly moved up to competitive swimming in 2011. After that she switched to waterpolo and is still an active player to date.

Rhea has been teaching and coaching children for 13 years. She believes that it’s imperative for children to know this basic skill and to ensure that children can swim safely and confidently. Rhea’s favourite groups are the starfish and crab levels, as she enjoys teaching the children to swim independently. With Rhea children achieve this basic skill, and parents are assured of the child’s and safety in the water.


Lisa Cini

Lisa is 19 years old and currently studying Accounts and Marketing at the University of Malta. She swam competitively for around 8 years, participating in both national and international competitions held in Malta and also events abroad like COMEN Cup and FISEC Games.

Lisa has been teaching with Swimming Workshop for 4 years. Lisa enjoys teaching the children who are still learning how to swim. She establishes a relationship which allows children to learn how to swim independently.

She believes that kids should take on swimming lessons not only because it provides physical exercise, but it also supports academic performance as well as develop their confidence, character, and social skills.


Kyle Buhagiar

Kyle is currently studying a Bachelor of Laws Degree at the University of Malta. Apart from his academic studies, Kyle formed part of the ASA Malta National team up until a few years ago.

He participated in the European Youth Olympic Games in Hungary; twice in the Mediterranean Cup and also in the Junior European Championships (Kazan, Russia).

Coaching has always been something that Kyle does with great passion and has been coaching with Swimming Workshop for the past 4 years. Kyle enjoys teaching the older groups that focus on correcting technique and introducing the basic knowledge of the different strokes.

On a personal level, Kyle believes that swimming is highly beneficial to children, due to the fact that it improves their aerobic capacity.


Julia Gauci

Julia is a recent graduate in Psychology and Communications and has always loved working with children! Her involvement as an art teacher, a qualified LSE and a swimming coach have helped her gain experience working in the field.

As a former swimmer, Julia feels that coaching has allowed her to help children improve their skills in the water and bring out their love for swimming. She has been coaching for over 4 years and particularly enjoys teaching young ones to gain confidence. Julia also enjoys teaching kids the correct technique and watch them improve as they advance.

Lisa Fenech

Lisa is 20 years old and is currently a university student. She has been coaching swimming for 3 years.

Over the years Lisa has taught children from the young age of one and half years up until the age of 15 years. Lisa also has a background in synchronised swimming with the National team.

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