Advanced Crab – Wed / Fri TQ

Term Details:
Autumn 2023
Starting: 3rd October 2023
Tal Qroqq National Pool - Wednesday / Friday
Please note: Booking slots are expected to sell out fast. Place your booking early to avoid disappointment.

Advanced Crab Class
Age Group – 3 years and over only

Children are expected to be in a group lesson, without the presence of their guardian.

  • Safety around the pool area, introduction to various rules.
  • Kicking against the wall, holding onto the wall with face submerged in the water.
  • Introduction to floating unaided in different positions.
  • Swimming a short distance unaided, both with face out as well as in the water.
  • Introduction to using different equipment in order to keep afloat.
  • Jumping into the pool and climbing out from the edge.

At this stage children are comfortable with submerging their face. They can also swim a short distance independently. Children will develop skills and their strength to increase independency in the water. Once children can swim 10 metres unaided, the next step would be to progress to the Turtle level.

Fee:  Autumn Term – Start Date 4th October

  • 1 Lesson Per Week (11 weeks) – 170euro
  • 2 Lessons Per Week (11 weeks) – 325euro

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Read before applying:

What will children need to bring for their swimming class?

  • Comfortable and suitable swimming costume (girls – one piece, boys – briefs)
  • School swimming cap (compulsory)
  • Eye Goggles (no snorkelling equipment) – (Advanced Crab and Turtle Level only )
  • A Towel
  • Clean deck shoes (ideally slip-on)

We provide

  • Any equipment needed during the lesson
  • A safe place and environment for both the parents and children

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Advanced Crab – Wed / Fri TQ - Autumn 2023

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1 class/week = €170
2 classes/week = €325
Wednesdays, starting 4th October 2023
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Tal Qroqq National Pool - Wednesday / Friday
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Tal Qroqq National Pool - Wednesday / Friday
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