Crab Level – Wed / Fri TQ

Term Details:
Autumn 2023
Starting: 3rd October 2023
Tal Qroqq National Pool - Wednesday / Friday
Please note: Booking slots are expected to sell out fast. Place your booking early to avoid disappointment.

Crab Class
Age Group: 3 years and over only

Students at this level are ready to participate independently, without a guardian present during the lesson. However, they are still considered as non swimmers therefore they are unable to swim without any form of aid.

  • Sit down properly at the edge of the pool.
  • Safe entrance and exit.
  • Submerging comfortably, going under water while making bubbles.
  • Different body positions in the water.
  • Body coordination which teaches how to use arms and legs to work both independently as well in coordination.
  • Building confidence and social skills, while learning in a group.

The main objective at this level is to develop basic skills to be able to swim alone and unaided for a short distance.

Fee:  Autumn Term – Start Date 4th October

  • 1 Lesson Per Week (11 weeks) – 170euro
  • 2 Lessons Per Week (11 weeks) – 325euro

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Read before applying:

What will children need to bring for their swimming class?

  • Comfortable and suitable swimming costume (girls – one piece, boys – briefs)
  • School swimming cap (compulsory)
  • Goggles (Advanced Crab and Turtle Level only )
  • A Towel
  • Clean deck shoes (ideally slip-on)
  • Warm clothes for after the session

We provide

  • Any equipment needed during the lesson
  • A safe place and environment for both the parents and children

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Crab Level – Wed / Fri TQ - Autumn 2023

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1 class/week = €170
2 classes/week = €325
Wednesdays, starting 4th October 2023
Class Full
3:40 pm - 4:15 pm
Tal Qroqq National Pool - Wednesday / Friday
11 Lessons
Fridays, starting 6th October 2023
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4:20 pm - 4:55 pm
Tal Qroqq National Pool - Wednesday / Friday
11 Lessons

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