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Term Details:
Summer 2024
Starting: 6th July 2024
Tal-Qroqq National Pool
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The age for the Seal Level is usually 6 upward, depending on ability. Children are confident enough to start learning more advanced techniques and skills. By the end of the term children would have gained knowledge, as well as the basic techniques in freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke.

  • Building up on strength and endurance, both aerobic and anaerobic capacity. The main focus is to develop a proper technique while building up strength.
  • Kicking technique and proper leg movement for effective propulsion while using a kick-board to practice freestyle, breaststroke as well as backstroke kick.
  • Furthering knowledge on the different strokes; freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke. Use of different drills to improve and make the stroke more technically effective.
  • Proper diving technique: this technique will further develop the dive skill for proper body position while improving on speed, balance and agility.
  • A basic introduction to a tumble turn: This skill is different for every stroke allowing the child to quickly change direction when starting a new lap.

The main objective in this level, allows children to develop a sense of swimming as a hobby or as well as a sport. The technical aspects to swimming are endless and can be improved on over a lifetime, but the basics are always developed better and more effectively when they are learnt at the early stages.
Once a clear direction of what the child wants is developed, if their choice is to take it up as a sport, we offer the competitive side of swimming. This opens a lot of opportunities locally as well as internationally.


  • 1 Lesson Per Week (10 weeks) – 180euro
  • 2 Lessons Per Week (10 weeks) – 350euro

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What will children need to bring for their swimming class?

  • Comfortable and suitable swimming costume (girls – one piece, boys – briefs)
  • School swimming cap (compulsory)
  • Eye Goggles (no snorkelling equipment) – (Advanced Crab and Turtle Level only )
  • A Towel
  • Clean deck shoes (ideally slip-on)

We provide

  • Any equipment needed during the lesson
  • A safe place and environment for both the parents and children

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