Starfish L1: 4 – 10 months, Imperial

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This is a parent & child class.
One parent must be in the water with the child at all times.

These classes are designed to be a learning experience for both parents and baby. Introducing your little ones to the joys of being in the water in a safe and supportive environment. These classes focus on building water confidence, basic water skills, and learning the correct movement and body position whilst creating a positive association with the water. Each session is carefully structured to ensure your child’s comfort and enjoyment.


Course Outline:

Introduction to Water

  •       Introduction to the pool environment.
  •       Gentle water play and exploration.
  •       Encouraging kicking and arm movements.
  •       Water adaptation

Buoyancy and Floating

  •       Using floatation aids to support buoyancy.
  •       Guided floating exercises.
  •       Building trust and comfort in the water.

Submersion Techniques

  •       Gradual introduction to submersion
  •       Short submersions with support
  •       Developing breath control

Basic Water Safety

  •       Introduction to safety rules around water
  •       Encouraging water entry and exit with assistance
  •       Gentle introduction to back floats

Water Play and Exploration

  •       Games and activities to enhance comfort and confidence
  •       Encouraging independent movement in the water
  •       Building a positive association with swimming



  • 1 Lesson Per Week (11 weeks) – 210euro

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Read before applying:

Read before applying:

What will children need to bring for their swimming class?

  • Comfortable and suitable swimming costume (girls – one piece, boys – briefs)
  • School swimming cap (compulsory – only for children 2 years upwards)
  • Goggles (Advanced Crab and Turtle Level only )
  • A Towel
  • Clean deck shoes (ideally slip-on)
  • Warm clothes for after the session

We provide

  • Any equipment needed during the lesson
  • A safe place and environment for both the parents and children


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