Starfish L3: 1 ½ yr – 2 ½ yr, Imperial

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This is a parent & child class. One parent must be in the water with the child at all times.

These classes are designed to be a learning experience for both parents and baby. Introducing your little ones to the joys of being in the water in a safe and supportive environment. These classes focus on building water confidence, basic water skills, and learning the correct movement and body position whilst creating a positive association with the water. Each session is carefully structured to ensure your child’s comfort and enjoyment. At this age, children are naturally curious and eager to explore new environments. The classes are conducted in a warm, shallow pool with a comfortable water temperature to ensure a positive and comfortable experience for both the child and guardian.


Course Outline:

Introduction to Water (Getting Comfortable)

  • Objective: Familiarise toddlers with the water environment.
  • Activities:
    1. Gentle entry into the water with instructor support.
    2. Encourage water play with floating toys.
    3. Practice blowing bubbles in the water.

Water Safety and Basic Buoyancy

  • Objective: Teach basic water safety rules and introduce buoyancy concepts.
  • Activities:
    1. Demonstrate how to hold the wall for support.
    2. Practice floating on the back with instructor assistance.
    3. Introduce the concept of kicking legs to stay afloat.

Submerging and Breath Control

  • Objective: Build confidence in submerging the face and holding breath.
  • Activities:
    1. Gradual submersion of the face with instructor guidance.
    2. Introduce breath control exercises (inhale-exhale).
    3. Practice controlled submersion using fun games.

Water Movement and Basic Paddling

  • Objective: Introduce basic arm movements and paddling motions.
  • Activities:
    1. Encourage arm movement through splashing and play.
    2. Support toddlers in making forward movements in the water.
    3. Introduce the idea of reaching and grabbing objects in the water.

Floating and Independent Kicking

  • Objective: Focus on building confidence in independent movements.
  • Activities:
    1. Guide toddlers in floating on their back, independently.
    2. Encourage independent kicking with support.
    3. Combine kicking with correct arm movements.

Introduction to Breath Control While Moving

  • Objective: Develop breath control while making controlled movements.
  • Activities:
    1. Practice breath control while moving forward in the water.
    2. Encourage toddlers to move towards floating toys.
    3. Combine kicking, arm movements, and breath control.

Water Safety and Climbing Out

  • Objective: Teach toddlers how to safely exit the pool.
  • Activities:
    1. Practice holding onto the wall and climbing out with support.
    2. Introduce the concept of safe entry and exit.
    3. Reiterate water safety rules.

Introduction to Floating Devices

  • Objective: Familiarize toddlers with flotation devices.
  • Activities:
    1. Introduce floating devices for support and confidence.
    2. Practice moving with the aid of flotation devices.
    3. Combine floating device use with basic movements.

Water Play and Fun Activities

  • Objective: Encourage play and exploration in the water.
  • Activities:
    1. Introducing games like “Simon Says” in the water.
    2. Use floating toys for play and interaction.
    3. Encourage toddlers to explore the pool environment.



  • 1 Lesson Per Week (11 weeks) – 210euro

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Read before applying:

Read before applying:

What will children need to bring for their swimming class?

  • Comfortable and suitable swimming costume (girls – one piece, boys – briefs)
  • School swimming cap (compulsory – only for children 2 years upwards)
  • Goggles (Advanced Crab and Turtle Level only )
  • A Towel
  • Clean deck shoes (ideally slip-on)
  • Warm clothes for after the session

We provide

  • Any equipment needed during the lesson
  • A safe place and environment for both the parents and children


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